SAM is the outcome of two path breaking multidisciplinary projects.  Dipak Gupta is a Co-Principal Investigator for both of these projects and has drawn heavily from the knowledge base developed by the researchers in the two multidisciplinary projects, several of whom are serving as consultants in building SAM

National Science Foundation funded "Mapping Ideas from Cyber Space to Real Space" (2010-2014) to San Diego State University.

This four-year, nearly $1.4 million project aims at understanding how ideas flow through the world by following the Internet chatter – Twitter and Blogs. By following the global conversation, the researchers developed paths for spreading ideas of political extremism, predicting elections, and spread of infectious diseases.

Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA, US Department of Defense) (2012- 2014) funded "Early Model-Based Recognition with Surrogate" (EMBERS).

This is a three-year nearly $14 million multi-university grant that is designed to develop an automated system for detecting and forecasting diverse political, economic, and public health events in Latin America by following Twitter and other discussions, posted on the Internet.