Auto Social Leads

Automotive Management Analytics

Sales, Service, and Collision center Lead generation derived from Social Media. Natural Language Processing Algorithms (three years in development) analyses millions of social media 'public' communications within a given Geo-radius from Twitter to provide Sales, Service and Collision center LEADS & oppurtunities for Automotive Retailers.*

Everyone knows the expanding role and use of social media influencing the automotive buying process. AMA places the dealer in charge to immediately engage with these social conversations and then be a part of the prospect’s decision making processes.

FACT: when you receive ONLY Sales leads from internal (your website) and external sources (3rd party), you see at BEST, 12% of the visitors convert to leads. With the majority of the population communicating on public social media, they are sharing with the world their car buying desires, service needs or auto accidents. AMA capture these conversations in real time! (Pull vs Push).

Beyond providing Sales and Service leads, AMA provides the immediate status’ of your Social Media business at a Glance.** On one view AMA provides you configurable metrics of your social media status.The AMA Dashboards allow for easy monitoring and engagement to see and respond to: posts, likes, comments, reviews and more.

Attract new customers and engage the existing customers across multiple platforms
Attract new customers by providing channel for integrated marketing campaigns,new ideas, complaints and positive brand stories.